Edmodo: Free and Easy-to-Use in Lieu of an LMS

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Want a simple, web-based teaching and learning space for your course?  Try Edmodo . . .

Edmodo is a “private, social network for education where teachers and students can share ideas, files, events and assignments in a safe and secure learning environment.”  It functions in a similar, albeit less robust way, to Blackboard or Moodle, but its interface resembles something more like Facebook or Twitter.  The instructor creates different types of  “posts,” or chronological entries that contains notes, links, files, assignments, or polls he or she wants to share.  The latest “news” is always at the top, and students can respond to any of these posts in real time or asynchronous time.  The system allows users to sort by the type of post (i.e. assignments, files, links, etc.) or search by keyword within all the posts.

It has many of the features we come to expect in a secure course/learning management systems, including ways to share information, as well as distribute/collect assignments and manage grades.  It even allows for mobile device access!

If you tend to use your course/learning management system primarily as a way to share different types of information and use technology engage students socially in a fun, but focused way, Edmodo might work well for you!  Simply create an account and experiment with it.  If you are comfortable using the internet and social networking software, you will find Edmodo very intuitive and easy to use.  Check it out!


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